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Re: [winery-dev] winery development status


Thanks, that¹s very helpful. I¹m on a team at AT&T that is looking into
TOSCA tools, perhaps we could help collaborate on these projects as well
as winery.

Thanks again,


On 5/18/15, 2:28 PM, "Oliver Kopp" <> wrote:

>Dear Pam,
>Behind the scenes, we are experimenting with alternative JavaScript
>libraries and do not push work to the repository as the other
>libraries are not (yet) approved by Eclipse legal. Besides that, the
>functionality of Winery will remain stable.
>We are also developing a TOSCA-YAML-to-XML-transformer at
> - Maybe, that is
>helpful, too.
>I don't know, if you are aware of the whole OpenTOSCA ecosystem
>( Winery is an essential part of that
>ecosystem and the tools evolve in parallel.
>There is also an alternative TOSCA project at eclipse: Cloud
>Application Management Framework -
>Are you looking for something special?
>2015-05-18 18:35 GMT+02:00 DRAGOSH, PAMELA L (PAM)
>> It seems that there hasn¹t been much activity in the last 6 months? Is
>> project considered ³finished²? Are there any future plans for developing
>> this project?
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