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Re: [winery-dev] winery development status

Dear Pam,

Behind the scenes, we are experimenting with alternative JavaScript
libraries and do not push work to the repository as the other
libraries are not (yet) approved by Eclipse legal. Besides that, the
functionality of Winery will remain stable.

We are also developing a TOSCA-YAML-to-XML-transformer at - Maybe, that is
helpful, too.

I don't know, if you are aware of the whole OpenTOSCA ecosystem
( Winery is an essential part of that
ecosystem and the tools evolve in parallel.

There is also an alternative TOSCA project at eclipse: Cloud
Application Management Framework -

Are you looking for something special?



2015-05-18 18:35 GMT+02:00 DRAGOSH, PAMELA L (PAM) <pdragosh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> It seems that there hasn’t been much activity in the last 6 months? Is this
> project considered “finished”? Are there any future plans for developing
> this project?

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