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Re: [winery-dev] Libraries in projects: separate maven repositories?

Hi Oliver,

If only a subset is approved, then you need to have a copy of that subset somewhere that your build can consume it. For OSGi bundles the usual home is the Orbit project. Orbit build produces both p2 repository and an HTTP accessible format for the artifacts that can be used in your build. For other kinds of libraries they can be stored in some kind of repository that is under control of your project so that your build can consume them. For example, in a git repository, maven repository, etc. Whatever form is needed for your build. I believe Lyo is doing a bad thing there so don't follow their example!


From:        Oliver Kopp <>
To:        Winery developer discussions <winery-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
Date:        12/14/2013 11:17 AM
Subject:        [winery-dev] Libraries in projects: separate maven repositories?
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Dear mentors,

I'm currently checking how it works with libraries and Eclipse. In
some libraries, only a "subset" is approved by Eclipse legal. How do I
deal with that? I saw that Eclipse lyo uses a separate git repository
to version its approved dependencies:

I would have assumed that one has to use a certain maven repository.
Instead, the projects seem to use the default repositories. In the
case of lyo, the pom at
points to lyo-releases and to the jena repository.

Is that right? May I assume that each contributor has to check whether
the used library is only a subset and if yes, which class he may use
without an additional IP check?



BTW: Thank you for your past prompt answers. They all were helpful :)
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