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Re: [winery-dev] Documentation

Hi ,


I also agree that using the wiki is the best approach, because most people would expect to find stuff there for Eclipse projects. That said, it would be really nice to have a good tool for UML and general diagrams integrated in the Eclipse wiki…





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we mostly use the Wiki for documentation and text(ile) files in other places. I have found helpful for diagrams but I don't have a particular recommendation. Markdown with exported pictures sounds like a good idea. We have always tried to make image sources available as well so others can modify images later.




On Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 12:40 AM, Oliver Kopp <> wrote:

Dear mentors,

I'm thinking about the software documentation of winery (the design document).

Currently, some documentation is in a privatly hosted DokuWiki
instance. That wiki supports PlantUML which is used for sequence
diagrams in Winery.

Although I like editors such as more than
Wiki editors, I am not aware of any (usable) multi-page Wiki/CMS
system supporting that inplace editing. Oh, I saw that now Typo3 is
linked at the Alohapage. And via CreateJS, many CMS seem to be
supported... Mhh... O:-)

I thought, the Eclipse wiki is a good place for documentation,
therefore I opened

Do you think, I should follow that way or should I switch to other
ways of documentation? Maybe pure Markdown files with referenced
pictures generated by PlantUML?



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