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Re: [wildwebdeveloper-dev] About WildWebDeveloper and other solutions

On Mon, Jun 6, 2022 at 8:47 AM Kanak Das <kanak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
- Do you have support for AST for both _javascript_ and Typescript?
- Do you have bindings as in the IBinding and ITypeBinding etc., classes in JDT?
- Like JDT, do you have a small-memory representation of the program units (ICompilationUnit) without requiring you to parse and create an AST?
- Do you have support for control flow? For a flow node in code, can we call any API to give us the predecessor and/or successor?
- Do we have binding for methods to connect then to the method declarations?
- Do you have visitors for AST nodes?
- Do you have code rewriting support similar to ASTRewrite in JDT?

Wild Web Developer uses the typescript-language-server through the Language Server Protocol which itself relies on tsserver under the hood to generate AST and other stuff.
 Is wildwebdeveloper relatively more stable when it comes to bindings?

tsserver seems stable enough.
- How often do you release a new version?

Every 2 or 3 months.

- Which parts of the API are relatively stable? Which parts are evolving?

Nothing is API, nothing is stable, everything is evolving or likely to evolve.
- We want to develop in Java. Is there any other infra for _javascript_ dev tools development that is based on Java?

The language-specific part of Wild Web Developer is not based on Java. The main part is tsserver and it's developed in TypeScript.
I'm not aware of up-to-date open-source Java-based tool to get _javascript_ ASTs. Eclipse JSDT used to provide that but only for _javascript_, and is now pretty out-of-date. I believe IntelliJ has something of that kind, but this part is closed-source as far as I know.

I would be looking forward to hearing your expert opinion on this.

IMO, consider making your extra features plugins to tsserver directly. You may be able to bridge from JS to Java in the plugin, but I guess it would quickly be more profitable to just write it all in JS or TS.


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