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[wildwebdeveloper-dev] Wild Web Developer marketplace growth

Hi all,

With the boost of quality, constant dissemination and the addition of new languages, we can see a good growth for Wild Web Developer marketplace entry over the last month.
Note that the growth is continuous since Summer, so it's not only the new languages that grow the number, it's also a "natural" one which happens even if we don't release anything new.

Let's count an approximation of installs per day
* Nov 2018: 2016 installs / 30 days = 67.2
* Dec 2018: 1773 installs / 24 days (removing the xmas/new year break) = 73.875
* Jan 2019: 2406 installs / 31 days77.612903225806
* Feb 2018: 2719 installs / 28 days = 97.107142857143

I believe that at this rate, with addition of yaml and continued advertisement, we can reach a goal of ~200 daily installs by this summer, moving it to rank ~20 on marketplace; making it better ranked than the Yaml Editor (which I think we'll strongly hit when we have Yaml support merged), Angular IDE and Eclipse WebTools. Other similar plugins that remain very high are Yedit and CodeMix. If we manage to capture all those plugins at 100% this will make Wild Web Developer become the top entry of marketplace installs. It's a dream goal, but not so much an impossible one, and targeting it and missing it would still be an objective success.
For Yaml (Yaml Editor + Yedit = 464 daily installs), we're already in progress to capture a bunch of those users, hopefully in the upcoming week when Xi's contribution gets merged.
For Angular, we could try to evaluate whether we can add decent support for it in Wild Web Developer and go compete with the Angular IDE.
Support for Vue.js that was started by Gautier may help as well.

Being perceived as a good player will also consolidate the idea that Wild Web Developer should become the main Web development tools of the Eclipse ecosystem and will consolidate user and adopters community around this LSP-based stack.

Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE developer, for Red Hat Developers

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