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[virgo-dev] Important changes on the remote Git Repositories

Dear All

I was now able to resolve Bug 517519 (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=517519) and the changes are pushed on the master branch of the http://git.eclipse.org/c/virgo/org.eclipse.virgo.root.git/ repository.
This change was about integrating all of the Git sub-module repositories into org.eclipse.virgo.root repository, preserving the commit history from the sub-modules.

From this very moment, nobody should modify any of the "old" sub-module repositories, namely:

  • git://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/virgo/org.eclipse.virgo.apps.git
  • git://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/virgo/org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.git
  • git://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/virgo/org.eclipse.virgo.medic.git
  • git://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/virgo/org.eclipse.virgo.nano.git
  • git://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/virgo/org.eclipse.virgo.packaging.git
  • git://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/virgo/org.eclipse.virgo.artifact-repository.git
  • git://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/virgo/org.eclipse.virgo.test.git
  • git://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/virgo/org.eclipse.virgo.util.git
  • git://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/virgo/org.eclipse.virgo.web.git

Currently only the "master" branch contains these changes. I've planned to create a new "development" branch named "develop" tomorrow, and after that I want to establish the Git-Flow (https://danielkummer.github.io/git-flow-cheatsheet/) work-flow for all changes made to the code. Without any exceptions. I will send a follow-up email as soon as I'm ready.

In addition, Florian and I will introduce code reviews using Gerrit (https://www.gerritcodereview.com/) as soon as possible.

If anybody wants to work on the code before any of the above mentioned work is done, he/she should clone the http://git.eclipse.org/c/virgo/org.eclipse.virgo.root.git/ repositories master branch and only make changes on the master branch.

If you have any questions please let me know.