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Re: [virgo-dev] Discontinuation of VNF and VJS distributions beginning with the 3.7.0.M04 release

Hi GianMaria,

Thank you for the explanation. As you said, maybe with a little effort
we can migrate our application to 3.7 with Tomcat version. Besides, I
would be happy to maintain the Jetty version if you consider
interesting and if there are other projects depending on this version,
or collaborate with other Virgo components. I would just need to know
what is the process to collaborate with the project in terms of
documentation, best practices, guidelines, etc. Maybe a private email
explaining a little bit of your process and some links to start would
be great, also I can explain you some details of our product and how
we use Virgo and how we have integrated with other technologies
(Hazelcast, Shiro, Akka, Atmosphere, etc) and if any of them is
interesting for the project.

Of course, you can add my product in the "Virgo Powered" section. Now,
we are re-styling completely the web, but you can link to
http://www.intellimentsec.com, the product is Policy Automation by
Intelliment Security.

Eduardo F.

On 13 January 2017 at 08:17, Giamma <gm.romanato@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Eduardo,
> The fact is that the Virgo team has now significant less resources than it
> used to be in the past and is not able to evolve all the flavors of Virgo
> anymore, therefore we need to concentrate on the variants that are most
> used.
> Current VJS ships with a rather old Jetty, version 8.1 which already reached
> end-of-life. A new Virgo release would need to ship with a 9.x version and
> none of the active Virgo committers is familiar with Jetty. As you can
> imagine, a Web Container is a complex component which requires careful
> integration and testing.
> While your offer to test the product is much appreciated, the remaining
> effort for upgrading and integrating Jetty is still too high for us at the
> moment. Of course Virgo is an open source project and we welcome
> contributions.
> Besides, based on your answer I believe it should be possible for you to
> switch to Virgo Server for Apache Tomcat with limited effort. Should you
> encounter any issue you can post to the forum and we will try to help you as
> much as possible.
> GianMaria.
> PS: may I add your product to the "Virgo Powered" list in the Virgo
> homepage?
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