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[virgo-dev] Discontinuation of VNF and VJS distributions beginning with the 3.7.0.M04 release

Dear All,

On the 11th of January 2017, the Virgo-Team decided to discontinue VNF (Virgo Nano Full) and VJS(Virgo Jetty Server) distributions beginning with the 3.7.0.M04 release.

From the release of 3.7.0.M04 on, we will put our focus on delivering the Nano, Kernel and Virgo Server for Apache Tomcat distributions of Virgo in the usual quality as the former team did.

The main reasons why we came to this conclusion are:

  1. Untested changes with Gemini Web and Tomcat 8
  2. Untested Jetty versions for 3.7.0
  3. Not enough resources to do the required work

If your project or your company relies upon VNF or VJS, you can drop a message to the virgo-dev mailing list so the Team can try to help you find possible solutions.