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Re: [virgo-dev] Virgo and ECF remote services

HI Bobby,

On 9/23/2011 1:02 AM, Kapukaranov, Borislav wrote:

Hey Scott,


As of 3.5 equinox.common should come out of the box with Virgo as p2 has dependency to it too.

You’ll notice the bug doesn’t provide much content – that will change once I push the baseline of the p2 integration and build from then on for the remaining features.

I have the integration prepared locally and it’s looking good, e.g. the startup time on Windows was decreased more than twice… but I’m waiting on two p2 enhancements [1] [2] to get resolved. Without them the code won’t be building and working properly.


In the end if it turns out these are taking a lot of time to resolve we’ll just update EBR with the working versions until an official build is ready and start producing 3.5 alphas.


Do you have the update site of the ECF's remote services? I’d be happy to try it.

Sure.  ECF's 3.5.2 release repo [1].   In this repo there are a few features...the one that is of interest for this use case (instead of Eclipse), is entitled 'ECF Remote Services Target Components'.   Here [2] is a detailed description of adding this feature to one's target platform.

Also see [3] for a 'getting started' tutorial (with examples, etc).

In a previous note, Lorie referenced this wiki page [4] (thanks Lorie).  The one thing that I wanted to add was that I think that much of what's described on this page [4] is now actually *unnecessary*...due to changes for ECF's implementation of the Remote Service Admin spec.  This wiki page...although still valid/supported, I believe...requires more programming than is now strictly necessary.  I will try to update it and simplify it when I can.

Also...for general reference, see [5].



[1] http://www.eclipse.org/ecf/downloads.php
[2] http://wiki.eclipse.org/EIG:Add_to_Target_Platform
[3] http://wiki.eclipse.org/EIG:Getting_Started_with_OSGi_Remote_Services
[4] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Using_Spring_with_ECF_Remote_Services
[5] http://wiki.eclipse.org/ECF#OSGi_Remote_Services