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Re: [virgo-dev] Simple question about STS.

Few quick question about your project set-up.

Did you define your web project as a Dynamic Web Project or as OSGi Bundle Project?

(Right Click on the project -> Spring Tools -> Add OSGi Bundle Project Nature)

Once you enable this option, does it still bundle items in the lib folder?



On Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 10:45 AM, Tim Goeke <tim.goeke@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I was going through the greenpages example over the weekend and contemplating pulling together a sample of this issue, but I'm not sure about the question or the expected answer at this point. 

The real question is not whether or not STS creates the same artifacts as maven, very demonstrably it does not.  But, if the maven build does not include sufficient jars in the web module (WEB-INF/libs), the web application is likely to have all sorts of problems.

Case in point, when using JDBCTemplate and a DataSource (mysql) similar to greenpages, the mysql driver will not be loaded unless the jar is included in the web module.

The first question is "What is the expected development and deployment methodology?"  If I use STS and drag my bundles down to STS, I can expect slightly different behavior when deploying with other methods.  Is this to be expected?  If not I'll try to open an issue with a sample.

Should general development be in STS using the tooling to deploy, with eventual production deployment to be installing jars into the usr repo and dropping a plan into the pickup directory?

The second question is, "Are there any guidelines for when jars should be packaged with the web module?"  Ideally there should not be a need for this, understandably the servlet containers have issues at this time.

Thanks folks!

On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 8:51 AM, Tim Goeke <tim.goeke@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks Glyn,

In the case where we want jars we can specify in the build which jars should be included.  There's no similar capability in the STS tooling, but I think it's a missing feature versus a bug.  In the case where the jars are pulled in, the resulting artifact differs from the maven build artifact and we've found this leads to failed deploys into our demo server even while the application runs on the developer's desktop.

I'll put a simple example together.

Thanks again,

On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 2:44 AM, Glyn Normington <gnormington@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Tim

Web modules can have JARs in WEB-INF/lib, so the existence of the JARs does not necessarily imply a bug. Can you provide a simple example project which misbehaves? If so, please would you open a bug and attach the project so we can investigate.


On 16 Dec 2010, at 20:02, Tim Goeke wrote:

> Greeting Virgoians,
> I have noticed that web modules are not being deployed correctly via STS, namely, the WEB-INF/lib directory is full of jars.  If you use STS and then check the stage you can see the jars.  In the other case where our Maven build creates the web module, the jars are stripped out, but the bundle has uses violations that were not detected when using STS.
> Once we are able to see the issues during deployment, things are good, but deploying web modules directly from STS seems to be a problem.  We don't see a way to fix this, and will have to deploy our web modules separately via the admin console for now.  (Unless someone has a better idea.)
> Also, I have spent some time searching for this issue, maybe the tooling has a known issue to I apologize in advance if I missed it while Googling around.
> Thanks,
> Tim Goeke
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