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[virgo-dev] Simple question about STS.

Greeting Virgoians,

I have noticed that web modules are not being deployed correctly via STS, namely, the WEB-INF/lib directory is full of jars.  If you use STS and then check the stage you can see the jars.  In the other case where our Maven build creates the web module, the jars are stripped out, but the bundle has uses violations that were not detected when using STS. 

Once we are able to see the issues during deployment, things are good, but deploying web modules directly from STS seems to be a problem.  We don't see a way to fix this, and will have to deploy our web modules separately via the admin console for now.  (Unless someone has a better idea.)

Also, I have spent some time searching for this issue, maybe the tooling has a known issue to I apologize in advance if I missed it while Googling around.

Tim Goeke