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Re: [virgo-dev] Framework hooks progress

Tom Watson suggested a workaround to enable the resolver hook to be driven for offline State resolutions and it seems to work. Details in bug 332771 and changes pushed to the branch.

Now all the kernel tests appear to pass except the last deployer test TransitiveConstraintFailureDiagnosisTests for which the JVM crashes, which usually means a heap or permgen issue. I will continue to investigate this.


On 16 Dec 2010, at 17:28, Glyn Normington wrote:

My work to rebase Virgo's region support on the framework hooks was going reasonably well until I discovered that the resolver hook is not driven for resolutions in offline State objects. I have raised bug 332771 [1] against Equinox to cover this, but this bug won't be worked on until the New Year.

Meanwhile I have pushed my changes to the kernel branch bug330776-framework-hooks if anyone's interested. I may experiment with pruning the unwanted kernel bundles from the side state as a temporary workaround, but I don't know how well that would work as it's only an approximation to the true requirement and I haven't checked the feasibility yet.


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