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Re: [virgo-dev] [jetty-dev] [rt-pmc] Draft graduation/release review docuware for Virgo and Gemini Web

Hi Dennis

On 24 Sep 2010, at 14:46, O'Flynn, Dennis wrote:

> Glyn,
> Re: current plan is to support Jetty in Virgo rather than Gemini Web
> What does this mean?  I would assume this implies that Jetty would be
> used as both the OSGi HttpService as well as the JettyWarDeployer.

We will run Jetty (bootstrapped in OSGi) on top of the Virgo kernel and deploy WARs and web bundle via the Virgo deployer into Jetty. Jetty features which would normally operate in an OSGi environment and which do not conflict with the Virgo kernel should continue to function as normal.

> Is there any wiki doc or bugz task that I can reference?