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Re: [virgo-dev] Virgo 2.1.0.M1 milestone plan

A quick update, since someone asked about status...

Work items 1, 2, 4, and the programmer guide part of 5 are complete. That leaves work item 3 and the "getting started" guide part of work item 5 to be completed before we can issue a milestone. This looks achievable by the end of June.

We are testing an internal drop of the SpringSource Tool Suite support for Virgo which is looking good. We are confirming when it will be released externally. Steve Powell will be demonstrating the tooling at the Walldorf Eclipse democamp on June 22.

On 2 Jun 2010, at 16:48, Glyn Normington wrote:

> We are planning to make a 2.1.0.M1 milestone build of Virgo available in June. Here is a bit more detail for discussion on this list.
> The goal of this milestone is to provide functional parity with dm Server 2.0.x so that dm Server users can migrate painlessly to Virgo. Unfortunately, this goal is not completely achievable because of some IP issues with certain dependencies (see work items 1 & 2 below).
> Note that full IP approval has not yet been obtained, so this will be a milestone rather than a formal release.
> The following work items support this milestone:
> 1. Replace kernel shell with Equinox console and add Virgo specific commands to the Equinox console to provide parity with the kernel shell - covered by bug 313316 (CQ 4027 looks doomed)
> 2. Remove references to service wrapper function which cannot be checked in - covered by bug 312406 (CQ 4058 looks doomed)
> 3. Add build support to enable milestone to be built
> 4. Edit "about" files in web server repository for accuracy ready for inclusion in milestone zip file
> 5. Rework documentation (programmer guide and "getting started" guide) based on SpringSource Tools Suite support for Virgo (the precise date for this support is TBD)
> Following this milestone, the branch structure is likely to be:
> |
> *--- 2.1.x // further milestones leading to a formal 2.1.0.RELEASE with full IP approval, possibly followed by 2.1.x critical bug fix releases
> |
> *--- master // post 2.1.x development (TBD whether this will be 2.2.0 or 3.0.0)
> Glyn
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