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[virgo-dev] Slow startup, deploying "transitively complete" applications, custom deployer howto


I've made a couple of posts on the forum thread
without receiving a reply.

Maybe my posts have passed unnoticed (or could the poor response be
due to lack of interest?).
Anyhow, I thought I'd try my luck on the mailing list instead.

Basically I have three questions:

(1) Has there been any progress in investigating the "slow startup issue"?

(2) Also, Glyn, in the original forum thread (at Spring dm,
you mentioned ideas about providing support for deploying
"transitively complete" applications/subsystems. Is this on Virgo's

(3) Finally, I assume that it is possible to hook in additional
deployers (handling new types of deployment artifacts) in Virgo. If
this is the case, I'd appreciate any pointers on how to get started
(what interfaces need to be implemented, what design guidelines should
be adhered to, etc)?

Thanks, Peter