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[ui-best-practices-working-group] Report progress in the UI of the request or result

Hi all,

Here is a dedicated thread to a topic that's been mentioned by Stefan a bit earlier: "scoping" the progress report rather than having dialogs.

Rather than an explanation here is a comparison:
* Eclipse Search View: run a text search on the workspace, you see progress being reported on the Search View (File 4324/89087). That's what I consider a good example.
* Eclipse JDT Type hierarchy view: view doesn't show any progress of ongoing operation, so the report progress dialog is the only way to have user understanding that it's a long operation that they have to wait for (synchronously or in background). That's what I consider as a bad example.

The guidelines page doesn't mention a thing about how to report progress, some other page explain how to properly feed a progress monitor, but I don't think there is something recommending where to place progress report.

Could this be considered as an addition to the guidelines?

Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer for Red Hat Developers
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