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Re: [ui-best-practices-working-group] [ide-dev] Working sets (WAS: Re: Java IDEs comparison)

On 09/14/2016 06:12 PM, Stefan Xenos wrote:
I have to admit, I'm also curious. My usage of working sets is exactly like yours. I'd suggest we do some code archeology and try to figure out what use-case window working sets (and working sets in general) were intended to support. If the main use-case we care about is the adding-structure to the package-explorer use-case that you and I seem to use them for then we could probably brainstorm a much more efficient UI that addresses that same use-cases.
FYI, the hierarchical project layout of Project Explorer was designed with the goal of avoiding using working sets in most cases. And I've seen multiple users stopped using working sets thanks to this.

So -related but other topics- why keeping various inconsistent explorers, where we could all align on the Project Explorer (and its excellent CNF) ? Even if it's not about removing them, every perspective should question whether the Project Explorer would be better than a *DT specific one.
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