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RE: [ui-best-practices-working-group] Todays presentation

Seems like this kind of feature request/discussion would best be discussed
on a bug report?  Which makes me wonder whether it would make sense for us
to create a ui-best-practices-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx email address that such UI
discussion items could be assigned to or CC'd on?  That would make it easier
for us to watch them and chime in if appropriate.


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> Hi Tod,
>   I am sorry to jump in into this discussion. This is very interesting
> summary and one thing caught my attention.
>   I am referring to SWT System Tray feature. While it is cool tiny
> thing
> on its own it is hard to use it to implement efficient user interaction
> and I think this area should be explored further, so Platform can
> deliver a better story for notifications and progress indication. Here
> are few things that already supported by Platform:
> -- Problems view (popular in IDE users)
> -- Error view (not everyone know about it)
> -- Progress trim bar (many plugins don't implement progress
> notification
> properly)
> -- Progress view (not everyone know about it and many plugins don't
> implement progress notification properly)
> -- Some plugins implements custom notification popups (those
> practically
> don't scale)
>   So, I think all those things should be integrated within a better
> user
> story.
>   One possibility could be to introduce new trim bar that would show
> number of unread errors/processes/notifications and would allow to jump
> into particular view to see more details. I.e. few buttons for each
> event type with number next to it. Those buttons could also show
> summary
> in the mouse tooltip, so it will be easy to see if there is anything
> important.
>   What everyone think about this?
>   regards,
>   Eugene
> Tod Creasey wrote:
> >
> > Can be previewed on the wiki (liked off of our page)
> >
> >
> >
> > Tod
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