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Re: [ui-best-practices-working-group] Todays presentation

Hi Tod,

I am sorry to jump in into this discussion. This is very interesting summary and one thing caught my attention.

I am referring to SWT System Tray feature. While it is cool tiny thing on its own it is hard to use it to implement efficient user interaction and I think this area should be explored further, so Platform can deliver a better story for notifications and progress indication. Here are few things that already supported by Platform:

-- Problems view (popular in IDE users)
-- Error view (not everyone know about it)
-- Progress trim bar (many plugins don't implement progress notification properly) -- Progress view (not everyone know about it and many plugins don't implement progress notification properly) -- Some plugins implements custom notification popups (those practically don't scale)

So, I think all those things should be integrated within a better user story.

One possibility could be to introduce new trim bar that would show number of unread errors/processes/notifications and would allow to jump into particular view to see more details. I.e. few buttons for each event type with number next to it. Those buttons could also show summary in the mouse tooltip, so it will be easy to see if there is anything important.

 What everyone think about this?


Tod Creasey wrote:

Can be previewed on the wiki (liked off of our page)


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