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RE: [ui-best-practices-working-group] Question about membership


I will take a stab at trying to answer this.

Eclipse working groups are open to *all* members of Eclipse. This includes
corporate members and committer members. 

In the case of committer members, it's pretty simple. There are two types:

	(a) individual committers who have signed the Eclipse Membership
Agreement; and
	(b) committers who are employees of member companies.

In the case of corporate members, each corporation has a specific person who
is their "delegate" to Eclipse. In the case of working groups, it often
makes sense the the person who can be of the most assistance is not that
person. So we have always welcomed an alternate representative. In other
words, each corporate member can send one person to participate in the
working group.

I hope this feels fair and makes sense to everyone. If not, please ask


Mike Milinkovich
Executive Director,
Eclipse Foundation, Inc.
Office: 613-224-9461 x228
Cell: 613-220-3223

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> I have a question about membership:
> Can a person who works for an Eclipse member company join the 
> group if he/she is not an Eclipse committer?
> Wassim.
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