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Re: [tycho-user] Please test staged tycho

I'm sorry but I don't really get how the setup looks like, can you explain a bit more?

> I guess the support for that header cannot be disabled via some option?


Am 20.07.21 um 16:16 schrieb Keppler Michael (ETAS/ESW-CI) via tycho-user:
We had a build failure with 2.4, but it was a problem on our side: One bundle A has an additional.bundle header containing bundle B, and B is just not part of the aggregator. Works fine in PDE, but of course not in Tycho.

I guess the support for that header cannot be disabled via some option? I think there are quite some projects using additional.bundle for “IDE-time dependencies”, like running MWE workflows in Xtext etc.. When used together with tycho target platform filtering, this was a nice trick to have stuff in the target only for the IDE (Junit, MWE, Xtext, …), but not for the product you build. Looks like I need to figure out a new workaround for that.

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Please try <> as new staging repo for 2.4 release, which should include the fix. I hope to release it tomorrow afternoon unless issue is not resolved or other blockers are found.

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