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[tycho-user] Target Platform + Maven Dependency

Hi all,

I was trying to use this new feature of adding a maven dependency using a target platform ( https://lä ). In this sense, I added Roaster API ( in my Eclipse plug-in using exactly the dependencies that they described. Then, when I use this plug-in I am getting this error.

No instances of [org.jboss.forge.roaster.spi.JavaParser] were found on the classpath.

Eclipse: 2020-09
Maven: 1.18

I really do not know if this is a problem of Roaster or a problem related to this new feature. It seems to be a problem with the class loader, so, I start asking in this group. Sorry if I am mistaken.

I don't know what I'm missing, Any hints?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


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