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[tycho-user] OS specific fragments and Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI

I have an e4 RCP application and I have a setup like the following:


The plugins ending in win, linux, and osx are fragments and contain OS specific code/jars. c.e.extras is the host plugin for the three fragments. I have added c.e.extras to the dependencies list in c.e.main. This did not work in the Eclipse IDE until I added this line to the c.e.extras/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF:

Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI: true

After that the IDE was able to resolve the packages that were being exported by c.e.extras.*. When I try to build my application with tycho, it fails to find the exported packages. It does compile and add the c.e.extras plugin prior to the c.e.main plugin. But it does not compile the c.e.extras.* fragments before the main plugin. 

I have tried both a pomless and pom configuration for the extras plugin and fragments. I would prefer a pom config. 

Any advice for solving this issue?


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