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Re: [tycho-user] Providing dependency for Imported-Pakages

You can create a target with a "Directory" location, place the jar there and use this then in your tycho build.

Am 08.01.21 um 13:20 schrieb arcanefoam@xxxxxxxxx:
Hi all,

I have a plugin with a set of Imported-Packages. The Tycho build fails as it can't find the packages in any repository.

I understood that by using Imported-Packages I was expecting those packages to exist without needing to specify from where or how. But the only way I can seem to fix the build is to add a repository with thst contains a bundle with those packages.

The packages belong to a proprietary jar that can't be bundled or deployed to a p2 repo. Is there any other way I can add the jar to Tycho's classpath so it will compile hapilly?


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