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[tycho-user] How to publish a bundle as eclipse-plugin and jar maven artifact at the same time ?

I'm still learning maven tycho and I have a use case where I want to build a feature containing n bundles published as an eclipse repository.
I found out how to that easily.
The resulting p2 repo can be consumed by equinox application that's fine.

But I want to use some bundle as standard jar in a Java standard main app.

In the maven pom, the bundle is declared as "eclipse-plugin" artifact.
Then if in a NON OSGi java application I try to depend on it through maven, since it is not a JAR artifact, maven complains to find it.
If I replace eclipse-plugin in the pom file by "jar", when producing the bundles, feature and the p2 repository, tycho complains to process the feature because the bundle is not found due to the fact it is declared a jar and not as eclipse-plugin.

I'm using Tycho 2.0.0.

Does anyone have any suggestions please ?


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