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Re: [tycho-user] Newbie has problems with dependencies when migrating a plugin project to tycho maven

You need to check two things:

a) is jscience already an OSGi bundle (download it from maven central and look into the manifest) b) have you enabled "considerMavenDependecies" in your target platform configuration of tycho?

Am 27.08.20 um 16:02 schrieb Jannis Brune:
Hello together,
first time using a Mailing List, so please excuse mistakes I'll make during my conversation with you.

I'm trying to migrate a Eclipse Plugin Project to Tycho Maven and I have done this sucessfully with an simple example project. But now I'm stuck during the migration of the actual project. I've converted the first Plugin to maven and I'm getting this Error trying to run the maven lifecycle.

[ERROR] Cannot resolve project dependencies:
[ERROR]   Software being installed: online.yamm.coreModelXmi 0.1.0.qualifier
[ERROR]   Missing requirement: online.yamm.coreModelXmi 0.1.0.qualifier requires 'osgi.bundle; jscience 1.0.0' but it could not be found
[ERROR] See for help.

So I added the dependency to the corresponding pom.xml file and defined a suitable repository.

         <!-- add latest repository to resolve dependencies -->



But I still get the same error. I have already tried to remove the version number of jscience from the MANIFEST.MF

Can anyone help me with this or link a tutorial?

With kind regards

Jannis Brune

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