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Re: [tycho-user] please test staged Tycho 2.0.0

Le 16/08/2020 à 22:57, Mickael Istria a écrit :
Java 13 was never supported by Tycho, because it has never been necessary so far. Tycho 1.7.0 was trying to be more tolerant and was resolving against a different EE without warning much; while it worked, this was a confusing state both for usage and maintenance of Tycho. But with Tycho 2.0, EE management becomes more strict (and more clear/simple), so it now uses JavaSE-13 to try to resolve dependencies if running with Java 13, and since JavaSE-13 isn't supported by Tycho, it just fails with an explicit message.

Thanks for the information.

I was under the impression that using toolchains would allow to workaround this, and in particular to decouple the JVM version *running* Tycho from the Java profile used to compile and resolve dependencies. I'm not familiar with Tycho internals, but I expected that pointing Tycho, through a toolchain, to a specific JVM installation would make it use that for the EE to use instead of either a hard-coded profile or "the currently running VM".

That's what I understood from, but I tried adding this to my parent POM:


and the build still fails with: Java 13.0.2 executing Tycho 2.0 to build Java 8 sources, with *I think* a correctly configured toolchain for JavaSE-1.8.

Is this not how it's configured, or am I misunderstanding something?

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