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Re: [tycho-user] please test staged Tycho 2.0.0

Java 13 was never supported by Tycho, because it has never been necessary so far.
Tycho 1.7.0 was trying to be more tolerant and was resolving against a different EE without warning much; while it worked, this was a confusing state both for usage and maintenance of Tycho. But with Tycho 2.0, EE management becomes more strict (and more clear/simple), so it now uses JavaSE-13 to try to resolve dependencies if running with Java 13, and since JavaSE-13 isn't supported by Tycho, it just fails with an explicit message.
I suggest you just use Java 14. If you really need support for Java 13 in Tycho, a contribution to add the .profile file and some tests to verify it works would be welcome.

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