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Re: [tycho-user] can tycho be configured that the target that is configured in the pom is always used above the local repo?

I'm still a bit uncertain about the setup, but maybe instead of different jobs and workspace you could use one Jenkinsfile with multiple checkouts inside?

Beside that, from a Jenkins point of view, your different jobs should use archiveArtifacts (aka updatesites) as a build artifact and then other jobs should pick them up via copyArtifacts, place them in the local workspace and then use them as apropiate.

You might need different settings.xml for deifferent usage scenarios (local vs CI-Server), I don't know if this is sufficent for your setup but I often produces some kind of composite-update site that includes everything that is build and deploy that on a central server. Developers can this as a special "dev-target" and only need to import the plugins they actually want to change.

Am 23.04.2020 um 13:57 schrieb Johan Compagner:
problem with that is a bit that on jenkins and locally
the git checkout is completely different..

locally i have

user.home\git\master\ all git repos here
user.home\git\release\ all git repos here
   user.home\git\special_branch\ all git repos here

but on jenkins thats all in folders and folders have jobs and jobs have workspaces and in that workspace here is the checkout

the first "folder" is the branch like master,release, special_branch

so all the relative paths don't work over the 2 different things here
what is in your example for me the $workspace? that can't be the root ( user.home\git\master\) because then the path to the actual git repo is completely different locally then on jenkins...

what you are trying to do could be solved transparently by Tycho....
All the artifacts are with "install" installed to a predefined location per branch for me
like the maven "<classifier>something</classifier>"

so 1 shared branch all the git repo's have a parent pom that has that clasifier set, tycho uses that to install stuff into and get stuff from

On Thu, 23 Apr 2020 at 13:48, Christoph Läubrich <laeubi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:laeubi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    I'd just like to add another option I used successfully with another
    project of mine:

    - define a target platform that uses the published p2-updatesites
    - inside your branch/whaterver build use a settings.xml
    - inside the settings.xml define for each of the p2 updatesites a
    mirror-url that references your localy build update-site for example as

    Am 23.04.2020 um 12:25 schrieb Mickael Istria:
     > If you want to constrain some versions between branches, I think
    it's up
     > to your plugin to define the right dependencies. If you use `mvn
     > install`, then you break isolation and you let p2/tycho decide
    what it's
     > going to use. "Porosity" is a risk of `mvn install`; using it has
     > been discouraged by Tycho developers since Tycho 0.1 and has been
     > discourage by Maven developers has well for several months now
     > If you need to orchestrate builds, then either you use "mvn
    install" but
     > with different p2 repos to have some isolation; or you can just
    not use
     > "mvn install" and build intermediary p2 repos (1 for each Git
    repo) so
     > the build can interoperate by reference the p2 repo from the other
     > repository, or you can have a super pom to build everything at once.
     > I really think that both p2 and Maven already have some means to
     > some isolation that you're looking for; so I don't think Tycho
    needs to
     > change here.
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