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Re: [tycho-user] why does tycho fail with this?

I asked this because is this now stable? If something is updated on 1 of the urls it doesn't suddenly get that new on?  (just like the target usage in eclipse)

More or less, assuming repos properly update their timestamps so Tycho uses the updated the cache, and the newer unit is preferred by p2 to other ones available in the target, then the new version should automatically be available.

but also used?

that update site is kind of constantly changing
The drop the old version from it and add a new.
If they do that  then the build should fail. I don't want that jenkins suddenly uses a different set of plugins because the p2 sites where updated..

This happened to me last time that suddenly we didn't change that much i had a completely different build with all kinds of updated plugin
Jenkinks should be stable, only when i check in updates of the target file it should get other stuff, for the rest the build should be stable.

with Egit the target file in eclipse just starts failing and you have to select a newer update

tycho with just <repository> urls will just silently update to a new version
So i was just wondering what tycho uses if tycho is based in target files... which scenario

i will check the pdf out

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