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Re: [tycho-user] What are baseline repositories good for?


I suspect that I am re-ranting about the inadequacy of jgit timestampProvider which I raised in Bug 529972 [1] where my conclusion that reference content was essential was dismissed as CLOSED INVALID.

It looks as if baseline repositories are pretty much the solution I was advocating. Is this the case?


        Ed Willink


On 18/02/2020 06:55, Mickael Istria wrote:
Hi all,
Hi Ed,

Tycho has everything in place to 1. Prevent production of new
artifacts when there is no payload change in the current module/bundle
source (saving QE effort and servers bandwidth on updates) and 2.
Guaranteeing versions evolve mostly forward compared to previous
release, forbidding the nasty qualifier only changes. Couple this with
automation of API Tools at build tile, then you get a build reliably
producing as few nnew artofacts as possible, reusing as much as
possible, preventing from bad version stagnation or regression and
enforcinfmg semantic versioning.

Many serious projects (incl. Platform) do successfully use
those as qualitu gates.

Anything that's not successful for you here is either a configuration
issue on your end, or a bug in Tychi, which should at least be


On 2/17/20, Ed Willink <ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On a good day, the reproducible qualifiers avoid you churning a new set
of unchanged artefacts every build, thereby saving on distribution

However that good day is totally depend on the fairies, since an unsound
superficial view of GIT dependencies rather than a true
has-it-changed-test is used.

Do not use.


Ed Willink

On 17/02/2020 19:21, Felix Dorner wrote:

on the wiki page:

I follow along with the jgit based timestamps, but I dont understand
what the baseline repository configuration does. The wiki page sais:

The end result is that build output contains new versions of the
artifacts that did change and baseline version of the artifacts that
did not.

And "change" meaning version, id and "content". How is "content"
defined here?

I will have follow up questions :)

Linux. The choice of a GNU generation.

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