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Re: [tycho-user] shipping directly a jre with an eclipse product on OSX


I will create a case with the stuff below:

download: (there is also a servoy_osx.3504.tar.gz or servoy_linux.3504.tar.gz)

unzip/untar this release (for osx run the firstuse.command first once after untarring)

this release will have a feature of java 12:


if you start servoy.exe in the developer dir.
choose a empty workspace dir (or keep the default one that we provider)

Say "no" to installing PostgreSQL database

go to the available software sites,
make sure the release candidate url is off (that will install already a newer one with again just the 12.0.0 feature version)

add the site "" as a update site.

Help-> Check for updates

this should come up with a version 2019.9.0.3520_rc

that has the same feature as above but then with 12.0.2 version:

install the update, accept signing stuff.


And now it doesn't restart at all correctly it is constantly restarting the bootstrapper.
(i see the splash or icon in the launch bar constantly appearing and disappearing)

this is because i have 2 dirs:




the first one is not really correct anymore, it is already deleted partly
The new one is fine.

But it doesn't start correctly because it tries to use the 12.0.0 one if you look into the servoy.ini

that still has:


It is very hard to get out of this scenario then. it constantly restarts and that is so fast that you can get between it
Also adjusting the ini file quickly doesn't seem to result into that it picks that one up then
and the old dir is always locked, i can't delete it.
With the Windows Resource Monitor (instead of task manager) I can sometimes get to it and kill it.

In the content.jar/xml file:

I do see as far as i can see the correct touch point stuff:

 <touchpointData size='1'>
        <instructions size='2'>
          <instruction key='uninstall'>
          <instruction key='install'>

the p2.inf that was installed (12.0.0 version)

instructions.install = \
instructions.uninstall = \

then of 12.0.2:

# Those would better be placed on the feature.jar iu instead of, but didn't find a way to add touchpoint for feature.jar
instructions.install = \
instructions.uninstall = \

it does install correctly if it is not there, if we take an even older installation that doesn't have the shipped jre in it at all

(this is an installer, there is no zip/tar of that one)
if you run through the installer ,you should be able to just do everything default (or custom install and then only developer)
Make sure that install is started with java8, because the eclipse version underneath that doesn't seem to fully support java 12 or higher.

Disabled the servoy update site

and add the site:

check for updates and that should give you the 2019.6.2.3504 (the only we installed above by using a zip)

So we now go from a build without any java shipped where i adjusted the servoy.ini file to point to a java 8 install
to the 2019.6.2.3504 with a java 12 shipped inside it.

and that one works then the ini file is adjusted (even my own change that I did before to add a -vm arg to point to a java 8 install)
problem is that it will not start because of another update problem that eclipse has (it doesn't really update to a correct jar)

On Wed, 11 Sep 2019 at 08:22, Mickael Istria <mistria@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I think that should work. Is it failing on all OS or only some?
Check your p2 sites to verify the instructions are propertly stored in them.
If it all seems clear, please try building the very minimal example your can imagine showcasing the issue and submit a bug to p2.

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