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Re: [tycho-user] shipping directly a jre with an eclipse product on OSX

Yes then it the eclipse executable (in jre/Contents/MacOS) has the X flag set
And also "java" in jre/Contents/Home/bin/
But the weird part is the jspawnhelper in jre/Contents/Home/lib hasn't...
So now i am wondering why there is a difference between java and jspawnhelper
because it has to he the touchpoint/chmod call that does it 
(because all executable bits coming from the original download of adoptopenjdk is already lost when creating the file)

So why wouldn't my second line in the p2.inf work...:


But anyway i can't rely on this because our product is also build on window machines and the output should always be exactly equal
So i keep my current ant script:

<tar destfile="${}/servoy_osx.tar.gz" compression="gzip" longfile="gnu">
<tarfileset dir="${}/osx_installer/" filemode="755" >
  <include name=""/>
  <include name="**/jre/Contents/Home/lib/jspawnhelper"/>
  <include name="**/jre/Contents/Home/bin/*"/>
  <include name="firstuse.command"/>
  <include name="**/*.sh"/>
<tarfileset dir="${}/osx_installer/">
  <exclude name="**/jre/Contents/Home/lib/jspawnhelper"/>
  <exclude name="**/jre/Contents/Home/bin/*"/>
  <exclude name=""/>
  <exclude name="firstuse.command"/>
  <exclude name="**/*.sh"/>

to fix all the executable bits for our installer.

But i wonder if i now do an upgrade, so that install will do an P2 update to a next version and we ship a new jre, will it then set the executable bit on the new jspawnhelper....

Will have to test this somehow


On Thu, 9 May 2019 at 10:23, Mickael Istria <mistria@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
And can you please try a build on Linux and compare?
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