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[tycho-user] Tycho and Custom Eclipse Builders

I have written an extensive SDK of Eclipse plugins using various extension points, including editors, views, and most importantly builders (APT - Java 5 mirror api) and Eclipse IncrementalProjectBuilders.  Third party developers download and install my SDK into their Eclipse to gain this functionality.  The APT annotation processor generates additional Java source files using org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom to the .apt_generated folder. The IncrementalProjectBuilders generate web resources (e.g. json files) to the bin/ directory.

All of this works great when you are running Eclipse.  I've been using Buckminster for headless builds via Jenkins.  I install the headless version of the SDK into Buckminster's Eclipse instance and it runs my builders just like it does when I'm running Eclipse, using PDE build.

Since Buckminster has been replaced, I'm trying to upgrade to Tycho.  I've followed some tutorials and I can build a simple update site with basic features and plugins.  However .. I'm wondering if (and how) it is possible to install my SDK plugins into the embedded Eclipse instance that Tycho uses for building, and have it invoke the APT and IncrementalProjectBuilders when it builds projects.  If I could either modify the embedded Eclipse that Tycho uses, or point Tycho to an existing (pre-configured) Eclipse installation, this seems like it should be possible.  

Any ideas?


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