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Re: [tycho-user] Impact of a.jre.javase=10.0.0 (was Re: [tycho-dev] Tycho 1.2.0 released)

Hi all,

TL;DR: it only affects products.

Jan is right.

Products built with Tycho 1.2 will NOT have direct dependency to a.jre.javase/x.y.z but have a dependency to capability JavaSE/x.y.z; and Tycho 1.2 includes by default with product build a.jre.javase that contains all JavaSE/x.y.z known at the date of the build. So the compatibility is there.
For "older" products that are *consumed* with Tycho 1.2 but were built before Tycho 1.2 (and before Photon M7), then the product would still have the requirement to exact a.jre.javase/x.y.z which is different from the one added automatically by Tycho 1.2. Even before 1.2, this unit has between usually and always been included in the same repository as the product (this from the inception of Tycho), so if your TP contains the product, it most likely also contain the matching a.jre.javase unit, and you should get no problem. In some cases (slicer .target files I believe), when migrating to Tycho, one may need to explicitly add the a.jre.javase to the TP if it's not already done.

Features never had a requirement on a.jre.javase nor on some JavaSE by default. That didn't change. So feature are not impacted at all by this change.

Bundles now add a JavaSE/x.y.z requirement according to their BREE. Tycho has about always added the necessary a.jre.javase unit to the resolver for each bundle, even before the JavaSE became a expressed as a p2 requirement. So not much did change here: Tycho still adds the necessary unit according to BREE, and the bundle resolve fine against those.


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