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[tycho-user] Requirement not mirrored with tycho-p2-extras:mirror

Hi everyone,

I try to mirror the iu (Version: 3.13.4.v20180330-0919) from by using the tycho (1.1.0) mirror goal.

I have all the default settings of the goal with one exception: latestVersionOnly is set to true.

After mirroring the p2 repo seems to have an inconsistent state as I get this error message when using it:

Missing requirement: Eclipse Java Development Tools 3.13.4.v20180330-0919 ( 3.13.4.v20180330-0919) requires 'org.eclipse.jdt.annotation [1.1.150.v20180322-1206]' but it could not be found

Obviudly only the latest version of org.eclipse.jdt.annotation (2.1.150.v20180322-1206) has been mirrored. Obviously this happens, because latestVersionOnly is set to true. Anyway, has a strict version requirement for 1.1.150.v20180322-1206, so my expectation is that this version is mirrored as well.

Is this is bug? Do you know any workaround? Using latestVersionOnly=false leads to a very, very huge repo which I just don't need.

Kind regards

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