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[tycho-user] Resolve tycho dependencies in maven plugin



I am developing a maven plugin in a multi module environment which requires the compilepath of maven. Every single of my projects has a pom.xml, tycho and my plugin are declared in my parent pom.

Tycho reads the dependencies from the manifest and adds just two maven dependencies to that (pomDependencies is set to consider).

For sure I’ve set “requiresDependencyCollection = ResolutionScope.RUNTIME_PLUS_SYSTEM” in my Mojo Annotation.


Well, everything just works fine on my CLI but as soon as I try to do a “maven update” (Project right click -> Maven -> Update Project…) the classpath doesn’t get fully resolved. “project.getArtifacts()” just contains my two pom dependencies, all tycho dependencies are missing. If I am executing a “mvn clean install” on my CLI the same method returns all necessary dependencies.


Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong with this?


Thank you very much! Any help will be appreciated!


Best regards


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