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[tycho-user] Target vs repository

Something I’m not clear on, for an eclipse rcp, documentation recommends you should define a target file which can contain references to p2 repos where dependencies can be found. This sounds like the equivalent of a maven bill of materials, or a way to define cohesive dependencies for a given platform target. Fine.

Yet the pom file normally has a repository reference in it.

So why would do both? 

For example by category of artefacts:
There’s my project’s code which I own 
There’s the eclipse platform code (rcp etc) which is required to develop an rcp app.
Then there’s third party stuff like avro and jackson.
How should third party bundle artefacts be referenced and where should they be located and why?
 - should it be in the thirdparty <repository> referenced directly from the pom file?
- should it be made available by adding a reference to the p2 repository containing the artefact to the target platform?

Same questions for the “eclipse” artefacts.

Is there some sort of lookup precedence when trying to discover dependencies?

I just seems like a choice between 6 of one vs half a dozen of the other..

Kind regards


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