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[tycho-user] Get SCM branch before Target Platform?

We set our organizational parent POM to define a single P2 repo URL with a property, which is filled in by properties in the project’s parent POM.
We do this so we can have a simple universal settings.xml with one serverId with credentials to the artifact repository (since Maven doesn’t like it when you define multiple repository URLs with the same id, and we don’t want to have a gigantic list of serverId’s to configure in settings.xml). I’m trying to get the URL to include the SCM branch automatically, in place of the ${siteversion} reference, to eliminate a manual step that devleopers must remember after creating a branch (ie changing the siteversion property in their SMC repository’s parent POM). However the plugins that set an SCM branch property run after Tycho computes the project’s target platform, so it fails when it can’t dereference a property value.
Anything that requires any manual step (extra command-line arguments to Maven, changing settings.xml or pom.xml) beyond creating a branch with standard SCM tool will defeat the purpose.
Any suggestions?
Justin Georgeson
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