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[tycho-user] Adding discovery sites to p2 repository


We have a repository that has dependencies on content from other repositories. We don’t want to enable includeAllDependencies because this just creates a massive repository and makes updates difficult. We don’t want to use a composite repository because the dependencies get shown to the user. We would like the dependent repositories to be added to the content.xml using the <references> and <repository> elements.

From what I’ve been able to determine by scouring the web, the eclipse-repository packaging type does not copy either the <repository-reference> entries from the category.xml file nor the <discovery> entries from the feature.xml into the content.xml. I’ve also tried adding a p2.inf file with addRepository touchpoint commands, but these don’t seem to be added either.

The only way I have been able to get this to work is to resort to the old eclipse-update-site packaging type and use a site.xml file.

Is anyone able to confirm:

a) the current eclipse-repository packaging type does not provide any way to do this; and
b) the only way to do it (without resorting to ant scripts) is using an eclipse-update-site.

Any other suggestions appreciated.


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