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Re: [tycho-user] Are there disadvantages to pomless builds?

Hi Steinar,

We have been using pomless builds for a while now in the Trace Compass project. I can't speak of using it for e4 RCP applications or GEF4 but it's been great to not have to maintain both MANIFEST.MF and pom.xml. The only thing we are having a problem with is intermittent build failures (like 1 in 20) see Since we are doing quite a few builds every day (30-40), this affects us particularly. I plan on looking into the issue in the very short term and at least narrow it down. But I think for projects that have much less build activity, this won't be an issue and the pros definitely outweigh the cons.


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Subject: [tycho-user] Are there disadvantages to pomless builds?

Are there disadvantages to pomless builds?

Are there things the pomless builds can't do?

Specifically: I want to create an e4 RCP application using GEF4 that
includes in its target platform a non-eclipse OSGi bundle that is
fetched using a maven dependency.

Is this possible to accomplish with a pomless build? And does anyone
know of an example of this?

Or should I use a fully POM'd tycho setup for this? (I have something
that sort-of works for pre e4 eclipse.  The tricky bit has always been
getting a working target platform definition when I move to a newer
eclipse release)

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