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Re: [tycho-user] Are there disadvantages to pomless builds?

>>>>> Steinar Bang <sb@xxxxxx>:

> (I have something that sort-of works for pre e4 eclipse.  The tricky
> bit has always been getting a working target platform definition when
> I move to a newer eclipse release)

(For the curious: the setup that sort-of works consists of adding the
required OSGi bundles to the top POM
(<dependencies> at the bottom) and then generate a target platform based
on the manually created target platform in the target maven project
and finally, use the generated target file (in the
project's target directory after a "mvn build"))

If I could get something simpler than this it would be a bonus.  

In particular, creating the target platform file that is the basis for
the target platform file that includes the OSGi bundles, is a pain to
create and update to a new version of eclipse.

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