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Re: [tycho-user] Dumping target configuration for fast reload

Just to clarify: When you use .tpd files, do you create the .target file just once after editing a tpd file (and checkin both), or do you let Maven create the .target file from the .tpd files every time? If so, this would be an easy part to remove from your Maven build.


Ciao, Michael


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Betreff: Re: [tycho-user] Dumping target configuration for fast reload


Thanks a lot for this additional link

But we already use it: it is a great plugin ! Thanks to Mikael.



I come back on my needs. Surely due to my poor English I was not able to explain what I want.


I have a huge project Eclipse/Tycho based with pom (and many sub poms).

When I execute “mvn clean install”, the major time period is used to prepare the compilation element (more than 30 mn).

So my idea was to be able to capture a snapshot of the task and to be able to make a “mvn install”l again that would take into account a pre-build Tycho.

So I will not lose again the first 30 mn…



Does that make sense for Tycho developer?





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Objet : Re: [tycho-user] Dumping target configuration for fast reload


It’s not a fully automated solution, but Mikael Barbero’s Target Platform Definition editor almost makes generating .target files a pleasure:




It provides an XText-based DSL for describing a .target file and supports content-assist for autocompletion and setting version ranges.




On 5-Apr-2016, at 2:19 AM, LE FEVRE FRANCOIS <francois.le-fevre@xxxxxx> wrote:


Dear Tycho community,


I would like to know if there is a way to dump the target resolution done by Tycho.

For instance, mvn clean verify –Dtycho.targetplatform.dump=true

And then to reload it, with something like mvn clean verify –Dtycho.targetplatform.reload=true


It will create at each pom level a hidden file with the initial resolution.


The main idea is to speed up the resolving phase for huge/complex projet.

Actually the computing target platform/resolving dependencies/resolving class path could be the major period in the whole process.

Many times developers do not change the target/depencies etc…, they just add functions that do not have any impact on the resolution phase, isn’t it?



Thanks for your comment on this idea, that’s perhaps is not possible.



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