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[tycho-user] Dumping target configuration for fast reload

Dear Tycho community,


I would like to know if there is a way to dump the target resolution done by Tycho.

For instance, mvn clean verify –Dtycho.targetplatform.dump=true

And then to reload it, with something like mvn clean verify –Dtycho.targetplatform.reload=true


It will create at each pom level a hidden file with the initial resolution.


The main idea is to speed up the resolving phase for huge/complex projet.

Actually the computing target platform/resolving dependencies/resolving class path could be the major period in the whole process.

Many times developers do not change the target/depencies etc…, they just add functions that do not have any impact on the resolution phase, isn’t it?



Thanks for your comment on this idea, that’s perhaps is not possible.



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