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[tycho-user] Need info about mirroring maven artifacts in a p2 mirror with Nexus

A while ago, I asked questions in here (and other channels) about my Eclipse plugin build, using Tycho, which was "hard-storing" some maven artifacts in the project instead of specifying them "declaratively". I tried for quite a while to figure out how to specify them as Maven dependencies, but I never got it to work.

I started to understand that the only way to get this to work was to be able to access those artifacts in a p2 repository, so I can specify those dependencies in my target platform. The administrator of the Nexus server that I use has been working on this, but he's telling me that the artifacts mirrored in this repository have to be OSGi bundles. A "plain" Maven artifact jar won't work.

I'm now understanding that it's straightforward to "augment" an existing Maven artifact with the appropriate META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file to have it be recognized and properly used as an OSGi bundle. This can be done at build time with the "maven-bundle-plugin", but Nexus also has the ability (I don't know the details yet) to semi-automatically add manifest info to artifacts so they can be used in a p2 repo.

However, I'm also hearing that even if the artifact is a valid OSGi bundle, it won't properly work in a p2 repo unless it can somehow see "features". What do I have to do to plain Maven artifact jars to make them usable in an Eclipse plugin build as repository targets in a target platform specification?

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