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[tycho-user] Catch-22 with useUIHarness and excluding org.eclipse.ui.ide ?

Hi all,

I’m including the log viewer plugin in my RCP product, which with the log viewers optional dependency on the org.eclipse.ui.ide plugin causes this to get sucked in due to the greedy matching.

I can filter out o.e.ui.ide but this then causes my test fragments that enable <useUIHarness> to fail as org.eclipse.ui.ide.application requires o.e.ui.ide.

The tycho-surefire docs indicate it’s possible to run a different application/product to the IDE workbench but I can’t find any concrete examples. Running my own product to host the tests would be another potential catch 22 although easily resolved by running the test fragments at the end of the reactor I suppose.

Is there a way out of this? Can I somehow remove the unwanted o.e.ui.ide without breaking useUIHarness’d fragments?

Many thanks,

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