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Re: [tycho-user] Packaging type for EMF standalone (CLI) app?

Hi Jan,

> If what you have are bundles with nested jars: get rid of the nested jars by inlining them into the bundle jar.

Well, what I build using Tycho and following Mickael's suggestions below ...

>>> * Create your application as an "eclipse-product" (so you get all the happiness provided by p2)
>>> * Create a module that would be build after your eclipse-product and that would collect the content of the plugins/ folder of your eclipse-product and zip it (so you get a fat jar)
>>> Thx for your response! 

is a fat jar including X jars taken from the product's plugin/ directory:

`- plugin1.jar
`- plugin2.jar
`- *.jar
`- org.eclipse.jdt.internal.jarinjarloader.*

I am not so confident that simply inlining them into one, flattened jar
is a viable solution as the plugins come with per-plugin resources
( etc.) which do not necessarily merge easily, don't they?

Thx, Stefan

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