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[tycho-user] Packaging type for EMF standalone (CLI) app?

I am working on a EMF-based app which allows to execute QVTo transformations from the command line ("EMF + QVTo standalone"), packaged as a single fat jar.
What would be an adequate packaging type to maintain this app using Tycho?

1) An ordinary Maven project (resolving the deps from Maven central) does not appear as an option, as at least the QVTo dependencies are not provided (and EMF is not guaranteed to be kept up to date). 2) For me, as a Tycho novice, none of the packaging types appears to be a candidate for this scenario; at the same time, if I understood correctly, I cannot benefit from Tycho's p2 dependency resolution from any other, non-Tycho packaging type (e.g. "jar").

Any hints would be highly appreciated!


P.S.: When screening the tycho-user archives, I read sth. about using "eclipse-feature" and keep a dummy feature around.

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