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Re: [tycho-user] Tycho/Reproducible Version Qualifiers troubles

Thanks for your answer.

But If A is used by many plugin which are affected with this inlined java constants, I need to dummy commit all of them ?

There is no other solution ?



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It's a general problem with inlined java constants.

Reproducible version qualifiers are created based on last git commit and since it did not change in project B the version also remains the same.

You can make a dummy commit to bump the version of B up.



2016-01-04 15:13 GMT+02:00 Vincent GUIGNOT <Vincent.GUIGNOT@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Happy New Year,


I’m using Tycho/Reproducible Version Qualifiers ( and have troubles :


I’ve two plugins : A and B. A baseline with A in version 1.0.0. 201509140951 and plugin B in version 1.0.0. 201510091223.

B depends on A, but the version of A is not specified in B. Bundle B use a static final defined in A.

If I change static final value from A, I’ve to increment the major version of A.

But when I build with Tycho/Reproducible Version Qualifiers, Tycho warn me about :

[ERROR] MavenProject  B:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT @ /opt/jenkins/workspace/NightlyBuildBranch//bundles/B/pom.xml: baseline and build artifacts have same version but different contents

If I change the baselineMode to warn, the artifact is replaced with the baseline version.

But the baseline version of the plugin B doesn’t contains the static final value of A v2.0.0. The static final value is still the value from A v1.0.0. 201509140951


Does it meens, I need to upgrade the minor version of B to take account the A modifications ? This case is simple, but in our case somes values are used by many plugins. I need to upgrade all plugin using the value to take account the modification ?


Any help will be appreciate.






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